Foolishness: Guapo Edition

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

He is long-haired, adventurous, Irish and tall.

A top commenter and friend to us all.

He’s special and sweet and has him some fun!

In my cheesiest mexican accent – “He’s the good-lookin’ one.”

I’ve laughed at his wit, his posts and his charm.

I laughed when he got naked and danced on the bar!

I’ve been on a bungee jump, skydiving and sailing.

On a trip for a cheesesteak that was quite amazing!

He can limerick on Potter, churn out a haiku -

Be a beatnik poet…tssshh…… a cool dude.

There’s a poll and his friends and a count down to spring -

A beautiful post when TMWGITU got her ring.

He doesn’t like winter and is sad when it rains…

He turns up his music and tunes out his BBRRAAIINNSS…

So, a toast to my friend with a dose of good cheer -

I hope this poem warms your heart….

(but not your cold beer)

Happy Birthday, Guapo! I love ya’ dude!

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  1. Alex Autin says:

    OH WOW!! Best yet, by far. You’ve blown me away White Lady.

    And might I add, love your Mexican accent! Feliz cumpleaños, El Guapo!

    • Thanks, Alex! That line was a personal joke, too. When I first met Guapo, I was teasing him and asked him, “Guapo? That means good-lookin’ guy right?” He replied, “…*In my cheesiest Mexican accent* “I am El Guapo – The Handsome One!”

  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    What a great poem and what a great guy. Loved this!

    • I’m glad you liked it! I’ve got to get around blogtown and start reading what everyone posted for him! (It will probably take me the entire weekend!) He was one of my very first blog~friends.

  3. bulldogsturf says:

    Damn but now you’ve managed to blow me away with your abilities… good on you White Lady… great poem… man I’m impressed…

  4. Linda Vernon says:

    Haha!! Priceless. And it all rhymes! :D

  5. Great stuff! And another wish from me, hoping the Big Guap has a fantastic birthday, and a wonderful year to come!
    Man, tributes to this guy EVERYWHERE! Yes, something to dream of for myself, sometime WAY in the future, as I contemplate my own milestone of turning 50 the day after the Mayans are proved wrong. Yep – maybe some day, WAY out in the future, I might actually get somebody to post something on MY birthday. It’d be nice, to get greetings from others, as I spend yet another birthday alone… (sigh). ;)
    (HEY! C’mon, I’m pulling muscles here droppin’ all these hints. Ain’t ya gonna ….. AAUUGGHH!!! Right on my own dang FOOT! Jeez, that HURTS!! [Limps off, muttering.]). :D

  6. El Guapo says:

    whitelady, I’m actually speechless.
    I’d say thank you, but there’s no way that could come close to covering it.
    So I’ll just say that I never imagined I’d be friends with such cool people like you.

    Ah hell, I’ll say it anyway – THANK YOU!!!

  7. Archon's Den says:

    Must be something real special about this El Guapo guy. He’s brought out the creative juices in so many people. This post was powerful. Perhaps better than your already best, and no English misusages. If there were, I wouldn’t tell. Even when you say the wrong thing, you say the Right Thing!

  8. Me too! Is it Guapo’s birthday! Wow! And I love your poem. So funny and spot on!

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  10. aFrankAngle says:

    A big WOW from me on this impressive work … and in honor of one the great persons many of us are fortunate to know. Well done!

  11. [...] was my birthday. And some of the coolest people I know came out to wish me a happy one! And boy, did they ever help to make it even happier! The great songs, the hilarious videos, and all of the warm wishes , [...]

  12. Kanerva says:

    Great birthday post !

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